About us

Let’s find out just who the hell Razor Digital is

What we’re about

We’re passionate about making things not only look great but also making sure that they work great too.

What’s the point otherwise? You can put lipstick on a pig but, well you know the rest of the saying.

If your website doesn’t do what it’s meant to then most likely it’s annoying your customers and that ultimately hurts your business.

No one wants unhappy customers – including us!

How we go about it

We’re very outcome orientated and work tirelessly for our clients to ensure that we deliver what they expect of us: Results.

Because results are what matters to small business owners.

We work collaboratively with you to immerse ourselves into your business so that we know how it and you tick. 

That allows us the insight to develop the best digital strategies for your users and your business.

So who’s in charge around here?

Connect with Brett

Brett Dackiewicz

Founder / Owner

A highly experienced freelance digital professional, Brett has worked in a range of digital related roles over the past 15 years for some of Australia's biggest companies.

Business analyst, marketing communications, front-end development, digital design and production, project management, and business strategy are all part of his diverse skill set.

This diversity of experience provides him with a unique perspective; one that cuts across many of the core disciplines at the heart of the digital environment.

Cultivating this digital cross function perspective allows Brett to see the big picture without losing sight of the granular details that matter most.

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