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Website design and development

Designing a clean and professional site

For the launch of their new legal firm, this client wanted a site that presented them as being reputable and professional, as well as presenting the wide range of services they provide in a clear and logical fashion.

Using strong colours to build trust

We used lots of strong, solid colours in the site design to help instill a sense of trust and strength in the minds of visitors.  Use of images that reflect not only the values of the firm but also the aspirations of the visitors was also important.

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Setting up a logical site structure

Our first step was mapping out their range of services so that their site had a logical structure and then working with the client to develop content for each respective page.

Having a solid site structure is a fundamental requirement for establishing good organic SEO results and creating an easily navigated site.

Using an accessible technology

As the client wanted to manage the website themselves moving forward it was important that we chose a publishing system that was accessible for internal staff.  We chose WordPress as the site CMS because it is the most accessible and popular publishing platform in the world.

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